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DSB offer FREE delivery to most areas of the UK mainland

We aim to fulfil all orders within 8-12 weeks or at the earliest opportunity, using our own transport delivery service, whilst in most cases offering a free delivery service within our service area. Some areas will be subject to charge. To achieve this, our products could be delivered by a contracted carrier or even our own transport.


FREE GB Mainland Postcode Areas
AL St. Albans, B Birmingham, BA Bath, BB Blackburn, BD Bradford, BH Bournemouth, BL Bolton, BN Brighton, BR Bromley, BS Bristol, CA Carlisle, CB Cambridge, CF Cardiff, CH Chester, CM Chelmsford, CO Colchester, CR Croydon, CT Canterbury, CV Coventry, CW Crewe, DA Dartford, DD Dundee, DE Derby, DG Dumfries, DH Durham, DL Darlington, DN Doncaster, DT Dorchester, DY Dudley, E London East, EC London East Central, EH Edinburgh, EN Enfield, FK Falkirk, FY Blackpool, G Glasgow, GL Gloucester, GU Guilford, HA Harrow, HD Huddersfield, HG Harrogate, HP Hemel Hempstead, HR Hereford, HU Hull, HX Halifax, IG Ilford, IP Ipswich, KA Kilmarnock, KT Kingston upon Thames, KY Kirkaldy, L Liverpool, LA Lancaster, LD Llandrindod, LE Leicester, LL Llandudno, LN Lincoln, LS Leeds, LU Luton, M Manchester, ME Medway, MK Milton Keynes, ML Motherwell, N London North, NE Newcastle, NG Nottingham, NN Northampton, NP Newport, NR Norwich, NW London North West, OL Oldham, OX Oxford, PA Paisley, PE Peterborough, PH Perth, PL Plymouth, *PO Portsmouth (mainland), PR Preston, RG Reading, RH Redhill, RM Romford, S Sheffield, SA Swansea, SE London South East, SG Stevenage, SK Stockport, SL Slough, SM Sutton, SN Swindon, SO Southampton, SP Salisbury, SR Sunderland, SS Southend on Sea, ST Stoke on Trent, SW London South West, SY Shrewsbury, TA Taunton, TD Galashiels, TF Telford, TN Tonbridge, TS Cleveland, TW Twickenham, UB Southall, W London West, WA Warrington, WC London West Central, WD Watford, WF Wakefield, WN Wigan, WR Worcester, WS Walsall, WV Wolverhampton, YO York.


CHARGEABLE Postcode Areas – POA
AB Aberdeen, IV Inverness, KW Kirkwall, TQ Torquay, PO Isle Of Wight (offshore), TR Truro.



Delivery vehicles vary from product to product but we rely on the customer to make us aware of any restrictions when ordering your product. Generally 10ft wide clear access with a 10ft height restriction is the ideal, but with a wealth of experience we can normally get over most obstacles as long as we are prepared. Sometimes an additional fee may be required. Should you have any doubts please contact a member of staff to discuss further.


Our delivery periods vary depending on the seasonal demand, but as a general rule standard buildings such as the more popular buildings are often available upon a shorter delivery period (8 weeks) than labour intensive, made-to-measure products. To find the current delivery period of any individual product, please contact one of our sales staff. The period given is the current delivery target nationally, however delivery could also occur an element sooner or later than stated due to transport logistics. For example, a central, highly populated location is likely to be serviced more often making delivery quicker than a less visited area location such as parts of Scotland, Wales, Devon and Cornwall.


Advance notification of an exact delivery date is issued to the customer either by ourselves or by the delivering party nearer the time of an order, usually by telephone or letter prior to the proposed date. Should the date offered not be convenient, you are able to request a re-schedule without additional charge. Deliveries are made weekdays only excluding bank holidays. If you require a product by a set date – such as a birthday, or you have access concerns for the passage of any large vehicle, please contact one of our sales staff for advice and assistance.

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