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The DSB group has been manufacturing timber buildings and log cabins since the early 1950’s, Direct Sectional Buildings is still and has been a family run company ever since it was formed three generations ago and has now passed a mile stone with the ever growing presence on the internet to take the company forward with the creation of The DSB group that also hosts the 1 Click Log Cabins and timber buildings for sale branded sites.



The DSB vision is to provide our customers with the highest level of products and prices that are both attractive in appearance and boast structural benefits in the construction of all of our timber buildings & log cabin components that exceed your expectations.



Direct Sectional Buildings are proud to be able to say that none of our timber buildings or log cabins are imported like most other online retailers-resulting in a very poor product. The DSB group are an established and professional company who handles the whole process and journey of your timber building from order to manufacture, delivery and installation if you decide to choose this option.



All of the DSB timber buildings & log cabins are manufactured from sustainable forests from around the world, our objective is to minimize the impact by promoting wood’s role in sustainable construction and helping to reduce the climate change in so many ways-It’s not easy being green but we work hard to change working methods in every area of our business from our delivery vehicles to the way that we heat our factory.

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